Our mission is to revolutionise food and make dieting, clean eating fun. 

Quest Bars were created from a simple idea: food should taste as good as it is good for you with zero compromises. Quest Bars deliver something that no one had done before and believed that with enough hard work and innovation food good be delicious and good for you. People eat for enjoyment rather than sustenance. That’s why Quest Nutrition is driven to make high protein and low carb food that don’t compromise on taste or nutrition.

2010: A new kind of protein bar

A small group of wellness enthusiast gather around the kitchen with a vision for a new kind of protein bar that we actually want to eat. We know that we can’t be the only ones in need of a product that doesn’t compromise. Others were looking for a better way to cheat clean, and it isn’t out there. So we decide to make it. Not just for us. but everyone who to eat better and enjoy every bite.

We spent several months huddled around @QuestCreator Shannon Penna to mix and test various sweeteners, ingredients, and formulas. Slowly but surely we learn works and what doesn’t. It’s challenging work, but not without its rewards. 

Finally, we get protein bars to the point where they are delicious and nutritions enough to sell. We launch with two flavours: Vanilla Almond Crunch and Peanut Butter Supreme. We male Quest Bars with rolling pins and hand-held knives. It’s more hard work, but we’re propelled forward by a clean goal to change lives.

Quest Bars start to generate buzz among bodybuilders and fitness models - a tribe of humans that are the embodiment of taste deprivation and dietary discipline. They taste Quest Bars, study the nutritional profile and realise, “WOW, I can actually enjoy this … AND eat toward my goals.”

Word of mouth spread. Suddenly Quest Protein bars have fans. Other people - not just us - want to eat bars. It’s exciting! As sales increase we realise it’s time to take to the next level. 

WE research equipment and collect quotes from contact manufactures. Nearly everyone we talk to tell us that what we want to accomplish is impossible. It’s a moments of truth - if we are truly serious about ending obesity, we need to do it! And there we no plan B - and the Mashines arrived!

2011: Now It’s personal

We Stand in our lab coast a few weeks later, eyes fixed on the fully assembled machine as it whirrs with promise. It was lots of technical trouble because … the formula of Quest Protein Bars is unlike any other bars formulas that’s been tested. Over the next few days, we invent clever ways to increase productions. We double how it again. We continue to research, make calls and meet with various manufactures and engineers. Every consultant and industry expert recommends we change the Quest Bar formulation; cut some corners or add some sugar. We know what’s down that road: compromise. A failure to uphold our stated mission. This wasn’t just about starting a business. It was about revolutionising the way people eat. Everyone else is adding sugar and junk to protein bars. For us, it’s personal. We have friends and family struggling with obesity and diabetes in desperate need of an alternative to what’s available. So we forge ahead. We fly to different production labs to meet with engineers that promise a solution. Time-and-time again Quest Bars proves too much for any pre-made equipment. Finally the head of a manufacturing team pulls us aside. “Look, if you want to see this through, you need to build your own equipment. It’s that simple. There’s no standard for what you’re doing. You’re are creating the standard. We can build going to be expensive.”  

2012: momentum

In order to house custom-designed equipment, we move yet again. It’s large facility capable of higher production output than ever before. Our custom machines are build  to task. We hire and train a production team to keep up with demand. A few small rooms attached to the manufacturing warehouse serve as our corporate headquarters. Word of mouth continues to spread through social media. It’s more than encouraging. It’s validation. We believe there were people out there on a quest. Now they were finding us and contributing to a moment. A community. A support system. It’s no longer about launching the latest-and greatest flavour (is hard at work on th chocolate chunk inclusions we need to launch Chocolatr Chip Cookie Dough) it’s contributing to an emerging lifestyle. Plus it’s nit simply bodybuilders and athletes. The community expands well beyond the weight room. Active moms and dads, teens and young professionals, start sharing stories and asking questions about Quest Protein Bars. We engage, of course, posting images, updates, and blogs. But the most exciting thing to watch as the community takes on a life of its own. Customers engage with other customers. Then something pretty amazing happens. GNC - an international leader and pioneer in nutrition - awards us as Protein Bar of the Year. We’re stunned. Humbled. “weren’t we just cutting and mixing these by hand?” we wonder. “That is crazy!” 

With great anticipation and excitement we launch a flavour nearly a year in the making: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It’s a hallmark flavour because it’s the first to use an inclusions made from scratch. It opens up the possibilities we never before imagined, and R&D goes into overdrive.

As R&D starts to cook up test batches of white chocolate inclusions, a small ripple in our community starts to make waves. Customers and fans are Baking with Quest Bars. Quest-inspired recipes pour in from kitchens around the world. Suddenly it’s not us hugged around the kitchen island trying to invent something new, it’s Quest Bars community. To people it’s not only a protein bar, it’s an ingredient. They use our bars to make cookies, cake and crepes. We pick a few out and give them to try. Our reaction : “It’s delicious!”

Now we are the ones being inspired. We dedicated a team in R&D to review and test recipes as well as create our own. We begin to share 15-second recipes on Instagram to get the community in on this exciting new way to cheat clean in the kitchen. We finalise another flavour: White Chocolate Raspberry and get a call from GNC. They congratulates us of being named Protein Bar of the Year foe the second year in a row. We’re over the moon. Once again reminded that none of could’ve been possible without the continual support from our friends and fans in the United States. Orders for Quest Bars are coming in from over the world. Logistically we start analysing what it mean to be an international company. A few calls come from Vitamin Shoppe and BodyBuilding.com we are the bestselling protein bar. “Can this really be happening?” we wonder. 

2013: Back to the kitchen

Just one year after inclusions changed the game with Chocolate Chip cookie Dough, we blend two inclusions into one bar: Cookies & Cream. Both made completely from scratch. As we get settles into our perspectives facilities, we shoot and launch Cooking Clean with Quest Season 2. Our online community approaches 1 million. And we start testing a handful of “secret product” that move us beyond the “protein bar” category. For us, it’s still Day One. We push forward daily on our mission to transform global health and eliminate obesity for good. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to share this quest with you. 

2014: the revolution continues